Enclave Arc User Manual

Basic Operation

Answering Calls

When receiving a call, press the triangular button in the center to accept. Once the call is complete, press the triangular button again to disconnect.

Stopping and Playing Music

When music is playing, press the triangular button to stop playing. Press again to resume

Turning On, Off, and Wireless Pairing

Press and hold the triangular button to turn on the product and begin wireless pairing. Press and hold the button again to turn the device off.

Controlling Noise Cancelling

Press the circular button to toggle noise cancelling.

LED Indicators

Seeking Bluetooth

Alternating red and blue.

Bluetooth Connected

Solid blue.

Low Battery

Blinking red.

Charging Battery

Solid red.

Connecting Your Enclave Headphones

1) Press and hold the middle Button

2) LED indicator will alternate between red and blue

3) Select the Enclave in your phone’s bluetooth Settings

4) The LED Indicator will turn solid blue upon succesful connection.