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Digital noise cancelling technology, premium sound quality, 5-hour long battery life, in a compact set of headphones that fits perfectly no matter how you move.

Bring Your Own World

We’ve designed the Enclave to punch above its weight with a set of useful features that rarely appear together elsewhere:

Digital Noise Cancellation

5 Hour Battery Life

Built for Active Wear

Hearing Protection

High Audio Fidelity

Crystal Clear Calls

Take It Anywhere


With the 5-hour battery life you can take it with you for your workouts without worrying about it running out of batteries. In case you need to hear the outside environment, a handy button lets you hear external sound when needed.

Busy Places

Enjoy peace of mind in noisy environments such as on airplanes or in restaurants.


Block out the environment and enjoy full immersion into your gaming world. Press a button to turn on the real world when you arrive at your station.

Digital Noise Cancellation

Most noise-cancelling headphones in the market use analog circuitry, which is pre-set to cancel noise in a specific frequency bandwidth all the time, regardless of environment. However, the noise profile of an office is not the same as that of the plane.

This leads to less than optimum results, so we opted to use a more sophisticated digital circuitry. Digital circuitry uses a special chip called the DSP (digital signal processor) to adapt the noise cancellation to the environment. Though working with this circuitry is more costly, we feel that the improved noise cancellation quality is worth it.

Enjoy Your Music in High Fidelity

Even more than noise cancellation, your music enjoyment depends on sound quality. To ensure you get the best possible audio fidelity, we’ve equipped the enclave with 13mm high performance sound drivers to give your crisp audio and high responsiveness along the entire frequency spectrum.

Protect Your Hearing

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy your music without all the noise around you. To do that, you turn up the volume to drown out the outside world. However, doing that for long periods can cause irreparable damage to the ears.

By removing background noise, active noise cancelling helps you enjoy your music at a lower volume.

Built for Active Wear

The Enclave’s earbuds are angled to fit the ear canal perfectly. The hook design ensures that it will stay on even for your toughest workouts. Unlike many designs in the market, the wire exits from the back of your ear, so it stays out of your way. The Enclave is also sweatproof, so you can push yourself as hard as you want without worrying about your headphones.

App Enabled

Control the Strength of ANC to adjust for the environment with our mobile app or turn on active mode to hear everything around you unhindered. Available for Android and iOS.

Market Comparison

 EnclaveSony WF-1000XBeats br Dr Dre
Beats X
Sennheiser MM 450-X TRAVELBose Quietcontrol 30
Battery Life5 hours3 hours8 hours8 hours10 hours
Digital ANC
Use for Workouts?
(With Charging Case)


Frequency band2.4GHz +/-30KHz
Bluetooth version 4.2
Transmission Range10 Meters
RF power output≥4mW
Driver32 ohm, 13mm diameter
Stand by current consumption≤1mA
Operating current consumption≤22mA
Channel separation≥60dB
Frequency response22Hz - 16KHz
S/N ratio≥80dB
THD ≤0.5%
Play time≥5 hours
Charge current≤80mA
Charge time1.5 hours
Battery capacity110mAH
Noise reduction20-30dB